coaching for women 

If you are tired of correcting your kids (aka protecting them from certain doom), tired of having your partner blindly walk past that pile of laundry that needs to go up stairs, and tired of feeling like you only have 15 minutes to yourself a day, you know something needs to change.

Health Coaching a mindful, non-judgemental place where we work in a partnership to achieve your vision of better health. We start where you are in your health journey and help move you to where you want to be. 

Where women find the support they've been looking for

This three-month package allows you to:
Reflect on where they are trying to go on their health journey, 
Implement the changes you want to see with support and 
Adapt if you are having difficulty with the plans you laid out.       
We also find that women like the accountability of a three-month program and for mom’s, an unencumbered break from being a mom.

personalized program

1:1 coaching

If you’ve been feeling isolated, unsupported, maybe you feel like you are drowning on more days then you are staying afloat?

Climb aboard, you are welcome here. If you are looking for a group of women to connect with whom you can feel encouraged, heard and seen, we’ve got you covered. Our group coaching is where you find your tribe of mom’s to do just that. 

join a tribe of women like yourself

Group coaching

This 20 minute call helps us decide which coaching direction will work best for you and if I’m the right coach for you. If we don’t jive I can refer you to someone else. We’ll chat about your goals (if you know) and things to think about if you don’t. As my therapist says, the hardest part is making the first call. In the words of Brene Brown says, “It’s an FFT.” and those can be scary but no judgement here, just love and support and hey, isn’t that what we are all looking for anyways?

20 Minute Discovery call about anything and everything

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