I worked in a physician-supervised weight loss office for five years and that’s where I found my passion. I loved helping people improve their health. Before I became a health coach I just assumed they needed some better food ideas - like more fun 'zoodle options' but the truth is making changes to your life is freaking hard. When I became a mom, I realized I had a bit of an empathy lapse for those moms I had seen in the weight loss office years earlier. Like those moms, I was suddenly feeling overwhelmed, unsupported, and unfulfilled. I knew that if I was feeling this way others were too. 

Being a woman is hard and being a mother is hard. It’s hard being a dog mom, a plant mom or maybe you are struggling with getting pregnant and you’d do anything to be a mom. It’s not an easy road, women are the nurturers, caregivers, reminders of birthdays, grocery getting, meal prepping, social event planning goddesses. We do a lot. 

How do we create a gap plan for ourselves? First, we say yes to ourselves. Yes that we matter, yes that our happiness matters, yes to the fact that I can be a good mom and want time away - guilt-free. 

That’s what health coaching is a simple way to say yes to ourselves to give you the tools to manage the demands of being a mom so that you can enjoy being a mom. Most mom’s know how fast this time goes by, don’t you want to enjoy each phase of motherhood? 

If you're a mother to young kids the ROI is a decade (or more) in the future. And I’m not saying that mothering is all bad or hard or stressful. But I am saying it’s not all Instagram worthy moments. It can be lonely, exhausting, even sad, painful, and isolating. When those feelings bubble up, how do we show up and be the best version of ourselves for the tiny little humans in our life? 

I hear you, you are busy and it feels like you don’t have time for anything else in your schedule. How are you supposed to add self-care or health coaching to the mix? I believe that happy kids come from happy parents and if we want to give our children and our family the best shot at being their best, resilient self, how can we continue to ignore ourselves? How can we teach our children that they matter if what we are modeling is that we don’t? Or likewise, how will our partners value us if we don’t value ourselves?

If you want to have improved energy, feel more comfortable in your own body, have a calmer, clearer mind, have a more manageable relationship with food, have better communication with yourself and others, feel a deeper connection with family, friends and community then click below and let’s chat. 

Health Coach on a mission

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and achieving her own personal goals as a hippie on sabbatical visiting National Parks and living out of her car with her husband.

Katie is a mother to a spirited toddler, a cranky old rescue dog and a wife to Benjamin, a very intense but cool microbiologist. Based in Raleigh, NC but available virtual coaching and for travel worldwide.

On a mission to help women 
live a life they don't need to escape from

Katie is a health coach trained at Duke Integrative Medicine, she helps women improve their health and supports moms by helping them not get lost in the daily grind. Katie hosts live events, provides one-on-one coaching and retreats with other like-minded wellness professionals.

She holds a bachelor's degree from the University of Florida in Health and Human Performance. Katie has over twelve years of healthcare related experience. Throughout her career, she has been a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society,  a nutrition counselor, a marketing manager at a 
functional and regenerative medicine clinic, 

Integrative Health Coach. Adventure Seeker. Nature Lover. Struggling Minimalist. Former RV Dweller.  

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