Summer Salad: Greek Gyro Salad

I love a good salad especially in the summer but I need variety! And with quarantine and stay at home baking, I could certainly use some more roughage in my life. This is the first in a series of summer salads. One of my favorites is this salad is super simple light and refreshing. It’s basically a gyro sandwich heavy on the green light on the bread.  I never started making the salad until Trader Joe’s started carrying their gyro slices which I love but when I was at Costco this last visit I saw these and I actually liked these even better. Unfortunately, the salad is not gluten-free because they add breadcrumbs to be gyro slices I think you could substitute with your own ground beef or ground lamb and some seasoning if you wanted to make it gluten-free on your own.



Greens of your choice (I like spring mix or thinly sliced chopped romaine)
Gyro Slices, cooked by package instructions
Red Onion, thinly sliced (I did pickled onions last time and it was delicious!)
Kalamata olives
Bell pepper, your choice of colors
Artichoke Hearts
Pita Chips for croutons if your feeling fancy


Lemon Juice (or red wine vinegar)
Olive Oil

or Greek Dressing of your choice

And any other Greek goodies you might have in your pantry or fridge. (tzatziki, hummus, quinoa – go for it! All approved in my book!)


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