Quick Meal: Inca Bowls

If you’ve read any of these recipes here on the blog, I guess I should say I come with an assumption that you know how to cook. The recipes that I provide here are not intended to be for those who have no idea how to cook. They’re more for the people who understand how to cook but maybe need a few new ideas. If you’re really struggling with how to cook Blue Apron or Purple Carrot are great options to give you some basic understanding of how to cook.  That being said, I love this meal it’s gluten-free, filling and fiber-filled! 

No surprise, but this is also inspired by a restaurant that has since closed in Gainesville Florida. It was in one of those locations where everything that was there seems to fail and this restaurant was no exception. When it was open, my friend Amber always got this. When we would go there and I thought it is so simple I should make that at home! So I did, it’s basically all the Mexican goodies that you loved wrapped up with a runny egg on top. This is great for Sunday brunch or a quick weeknight meal if you do a little prep ahead of time. I’ve used rice and quinoa, so feel free to use what you have. There is no wrong way to eat this dish. I will say, I’ll leave the portion sizes to you – you know what is appropriate for you! 


Inca Bowls (V, GF)


Black beans
Diced and roasted sweet potatoes tossed with smoked paprika and chipotle powder
Runny fried egg (or two)


Sliced avocado
Goat Cheese or Feta
Hot sauce


Fist, roast diced sweet potatoes in oven at 425 for 20-35 mins depending on the size of dice. Cook quinoa if need be or use Trader Joe’s precooked.  Heat black beans, fry eggs, and assemble in a bowl. Next, serve with your favorite toppings like avocado, scallions, goat cheese and hot sauce. 

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