5 Ways to Lower Stress + Boost your Immunity 

Stress can have a negative impact on your body. A Psychology Today article says, “Ongoing stress makes us susceptible to illness and disease because the brain sends defense signals to the endocrine system, which then releases an array of hormones that not only gets us ready for emergency situations but severely depresses our immunity at the same time.” During our social distancing, we may not be able to do the same things we would normally do to lower stress. What can we do?

Here are five ways you can lower your stress and thus boost your immunity today:

  1. Exercise: Walk, Bike, Run, or Take a Virtual Class and move your body! We love the movement offerings at Current Wellness. 
  2. Vitamin N: As in Vitamin Nature, get outside! Nature can be so therapeutic, fresh air, sunshine good for the mind, body and soul. Find a park, trail or green space to enjoy. 
  3. Laugh: Put on a funny movie, watch a stand-up comedian or even do a little Laughter Yoga to make you laugh your way to lowering your stress
  4. Call a Friend: These times can feel disconnected from our support system, take time to call a friend to check in on them. 
  5. Do Your Version of Self-Care: This might look different for everyone but do what feels relaxing to you. Read a book, take a bath, paint your nails, play a game, get take out instead of cooking.

If you are struggling with your transition into motherhood or being a mother to multiple children and you are finding it more difficult to make healthy choices, you are looking to feel more confident in your body or know you want to be healthier but aren’t sure where to start or how to make it work in your life, reach out to us and schedule a consultation call to see if health coaching is for you.

Integrated health coaching is a partnership between you and your coach to help you make small changes in your life that make a big difference in your overall health. I worked in weight loss for over five years and I know that medications and restrictive diets are not the way to long-term, sustainable weight loss.


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