Stress, Exercise and Immunity

As our weeks of Stay at Home Order drag into months, you may start to notice that things are getting more stressful. What started as a time to pause and relax has turned into you noticing that your partner is getting on your nerves, the kids are getting stir crazy and you are running out of things to watch on Netflix

Stress can alter how your white blood cells function, diminishing their capacity to help fight infections. During this time of COVID-19 keeping your stress at bay is one easy way you can stay healthy. Exercise is a great way to help lower your stress level. With the weather getting warmer now is a great time to get in some fresh air. Here are some ideas we’ve been doing to stay healthy during this time. 

Six Simple Ways to get some Exercise

Go for a walk
Start a step challenge with friends or family members. |
Ride a bike
Take a hike
Get a jump start on your yardwork
Chase the kids or have a dance party like this spry 80 year old 

Whatever exercise you choose, aim for three times per week but with our current situation, you probably have time for exercising nearly every day. Make a commitment by carving out some time for you. Throw on your favorite podcast or audiobook and do something physical. If you are struggling with healthy choices, you are looking to feel more confident in your body or know you want to be healthier but aren’t sure where to start or how to make it work in your life, reach out to us and schedule a consultation call to see if health coaching is for you. 

Integrated health coaching is a partnership between you and your coach to help you make small changes in your life that make a big difference in your overall health. I worked in weight loss for over five years and I know that medications and restrictive diets are not the way to long-term, sustainable weight loss.

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