3 Easy Ways To Lower Your COVID-19 Stress

To say these times are a little stressful would be an understatement. Even a simple task like getting groceries seems to be a much larger feat than it was a few weeks ago. We know that during these times we want to stay healthy and give our immune system the best chance that we can. 

While some short term stress can be helpful, for example, a mother lifting a car off of her child to save their life. Long term chronic stress takes a toll on the immune system. It causes your body to produce more cortisol in turn, lowering your body’s ability to fight off infection. What are some simple but tangible ways to lower your stress?

3 Steps Anyone Can all do:

  1. Journaling: This can look different for each person however journaling just a few moments a day can help lower stress and anxiety.  A few ideas might be finding three things you’re grateful for each day or three moments of happiness that you saw. 
  2. Breathwork: Our breath is a powerful tool for decreasing stress by activating the parasympathetic nervous system. We love The Holistic Psychologist’s video on an intro to Breathwork and the 4, 7, 8 breath. (A Belly Breath, breathing in for a 4 count, hold the breath for 7 counts and exhale for an 8 count) 
  3. Mind-Body Practice: For many, this may seem overwhelming but we love apps that break this into more easily consumable pieces. We recommend Insight Timer, Calm or Headspace. They have a variety of durations and styles. Aim for just 5 minutes a day and see what happens!

If you are still feeling stressed and are looking for some additional help, we can help. Consider signing up for a coaching package. We are trained in behavior modification and can help you:

Improved Relaxation Techniques
Feel More Comfortable in Your Body
Improve Energy
Attain Personal and Professional Goals
More Manageable Relationship with Food 

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