Quick Meal: Chicken Grill with Curry Mustard Sauce

When I lived in Tallahassee there was this little place called California Chicken Grill, it was oddly a healthy but late-night eats kind of place, atypical for a college town. It was cheap, tasty, and fell into the “healthy” category of food. Thankfully they opened one in Gainesville when I moved there but it was a little less convenient. I was a sucker for the Boneless Skinless Combo which was yellow rice, grilled chicken thighs, a side, and a sauce. I always got steamed veggies and curry mustard. This, my friend is my version of that meal – but let’s be honest, we’re here for the sauce.


1 pound grilled chicken thighs 

 4-6 cups steamed vegetable medley (carrots, broccoli, cauliflower)

 2 to 3 cups yellow rice or cauliflower rice with turmeric


 Curry Mustard Sauce

 1 cup mayo

 ½  cup yellow mustard

 1-5 teaspoons curry powder


Mix up the sauce and set aside. Next grill chicken thighs,  cook yellow rice,  steamed vegetables.  Plate and add copious amounts of curry mustard sauce.

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