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I help women take the steps they need to take care of themselves each and every day to become the women that they dreamed of.

Together we form strategies for how they can be more of their fabulous self, while still being a kick-ass mom, partner, and/or business owner.

The truth is changes in your life are hard. We like when things are the same because it feels safe and predictable and if you are reading this you are on the path to making improvements in your life. You may find some resistance, I'm here to help.

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my goal is to provide you with the resources and tools you need to create the life you've been dreaming of

Health Coaching can help you achieve your goals 

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We use evidence-based techniques backed by neuroscience that makes changing old habits easier. If you are ready to have improved energy, feel more comfortable in your body,  a calmer, clearer mind, or deeper connections with friends, family + community then Katie Lyons Coaching can support you. 

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One on One or Group Health Coaching allows you, the client, to take the lead on getting unstuck from that sometimes drowning feeling we all feel.


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Ready to commit to yourself? Want to feel more comfortable in your own skin? Deepen your connection with yourself and your community? Check out our upcoming events and coaching opportunities. 

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Have more questions on how Health Coaching can help you? Wanna know my favorite national park or how my dog is doing? 

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